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Welcome to Chessworks! In this site you will find information to get you started in the game of chess. There are also two chess engines for you to play to improve your tactics. If you have an interesting game you would like to share you can send it in and we'll add it to the 'interesting games' section where you can find the notation for and screen shots of various chess games.

About the Games
There are two different games on this site for you to play. Game 1 is not a very smart player but will give you the opportunity to learn how chess pieces move. Game 1 also allows you to play against a partner if you wish to do so. Game 2 is far more challenging than the first game. Game 2 enforces all chess rules of play and is a very tough opponent. There are 3 levels of play and various other settings. Game 2 is for one player only.


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