Play Chess - Player vs. Player or Player vs. Computer

    This is a much simpler chess program. This program will occasionally make obvious blunders and give the appearance that it is operating without any purpose. If you are looking to an easier game than our other computer player this is for you. On this board you can also play against another human. Simply remove the check from the box next to 'CPU Black' and two people can play.

An additional error in the game - This game will NOT prevent you from castling while in check or when it is required that you pass through check. If you're playing against a friend this shouldn't be a problem since you both know the rules of chess and play honestly and fairly! :-)

A game log is created below the board. To move a piece first click the piece, then click the square you would like to move to. To castle, move the king first.

If you would like a more challenging opponent try Chess Game 2

CPU White
CPU Black

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